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Princesses and Cowboys… Programming Season Has Begun!

Programming season has begun and our first weekend of Horsey House Calls was a success!

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 8.53.59 AM

Saturday, June 4, we served Cowgirl Ember in Southeast Michigan and she loved the day! She wasn’t afraid of Queen B, our Hero Herd horse, at all, and she came right outside when we knocked on the door.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 8.56.21 AMDSC00022



Ember really loved riding Queen B too and said that she even liked how “bumpy” it was.




Ember’s family had on homemade t-shirts in support of Ember’s fight. The front of the shirts said “Team Princess Ember,” and the back said, “sometimes princesses reside in the hearts of little girls fighting big battles.” The quote is so touching that our staff chokes up a bit every time they read it, and our equine therapist, Emily, said that she will always remember it.






On Sunday, June 5, we had Cowboy JoWi’s Horsey House Call and it was our first in Grand Rapids!

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 9.20.52 AM

JoWi had a ton of fun! He answered the door through the mail slot… the only thing our equine therapist, Emily, could see where his two big eyes! He came out to meet Zip, our Hero Herd horse, with a big and excited smile. He couldn’t stay away from Zip for the rest of the day.


JoWi went for two horseback rides and enjoyed every second of it. At one point he said “yee-haw” with us, but then started saying “yippie kay-yay” with his hands in the air and a big bright-smile on his face. He kept shouting “yippie kay-yay” for the rest of the Horsey House Call, and his personality and excitement kept all of our staff and volunteers laughing the whole time.

JoWi’s dad sent us this image after the Horsey House Call.

jowi_camp casey

We know the rest of the summer is going to be as great as our first Horse House Call weekend, and we can’t wait to bring the healing power of horses into more kids’ lives!




  • Toni Kirsten says:

    I can’t say enough about how Happy our Princess Ember was with her Horsey House call. All the volunteers were so Wonderful!! Ember has a tough road ahead of her staring in a week so to see her smile and have so much fun melts my Heart. Thank You again for making Princess Ember’s day such a WONDERFUL day.

    ( I do have a picture of the Volunteers I would like to submit for your facebook page please email me so I can send to you.)

    • campcasey campcasey says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Toni! We had such a wonderful day with Ember and her family and friends – we’re happy to hear you enjoyed it!

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