Casey’s Legacy

Casey Foote was not much different from other 10-year-old girls.  She loved the outdoors, had an active imagination and adored animals. Unlike most children, though, Casey was battling bone and brain cancer and died just after her 12th birthday.

During the last few years of her life, Casey was introduced to a horse farm where she spent many afternoons grooming and riding her favorite horse. Even as chemotherapy, surgeries and the emotional weight of cancer  kept Casey physically weak, she never let her illness get in the way of bonding with horses and friends.

Watching Casey interact with horses was therapeutic for her family as well.  When Casey was at the barn, they were able to witness an instant transformation as her hospital gown was replaced with boots and breeches. Connecting with horses allowed Casey to be a kid again and kept her and her family strong during their difficult fight.

Casey would have loved for other children and their families to experience the joy that horses once gave her. We are proud to keep Casey’s legacy alive and enable children, like Casey, to apply the strength gained from our  program to their fight against cancer.