Volunteer for Camp Casey

Do you want to help Camp Casey bring the healing power of horses into your community? There are many ways you can volunteer with us; whether you want to be a Wrangler on our Horsey House Calls, help at one of our many fundraisers or want to show off your own horse at a parade, we have volunteer opportunities for you!

Volunteer at a Horsey House Call

Our program is powered by volunteers and we’re always searching for Wranglers. You don’t have to be horse-savvy to be a part of our team, either! You just have to have a big heart.

Horsey House Calls happen on the weekends during the summer months and require a volunteer commitment of about 2-3 hours. Once you’ve completed a volunteer session, you can sign up for the Horsey House Calls that work with your schedule and location.

Horsey House Call volunteers must:

  • Be 16 years or older with a valid driver’s license.
  • Be in good physical health and able to stand for at least three hours, often in hot weather and direct sun.
  • Complete all required Volunteer Wrangler training.

Horsey House Call Wrangler Application

Volunteering as a Horsey House Calls wrangler for Camp Casey can be anywhere from a three to five hour commitment depending on the Horsey House Call location and logistics. Camp Casey requires all wranglers to be 16+ years old and positive role models for our campers and each other. Only apply if you are outgoing, enjoy working with children and consider yourself to be a positive influence on others. Camp Casey will conduct background checks on all applicants. This is done to ensure the safety of our volunteers and campers and to guarantee that the individuals who join the Camp Casey team are well-qualified and have honestly represented their background and qualifications as outlined in the application materials.

Please note: Wranglers must be physically capable of being on their feet for extended periods of time and comfortable with extreme climates.

“There is something about the outside of a horse, that is good for the inside of a man.”

Winston Churchill

Help at Fundraisers & Events

Horses Aren’t Your Thing? Sign Up For Our Other Volunteer Events
Sign up for the e-mail list that gets in touch when we need help at our fundraisers. Follow the link (and pass it along) to sign up and get emailed when we’re in need of beer-tenders, 50/50 raffle sellers and more.

Host a Fundraiser

Do you have a big idea for a fundraiser? Does your school’s Athletic Department host fundraisers for charities? Does your company match donations? Could you sponsor a Casual Friday? By choosing to host a fundraiser for Camp Casey, you can help us bring horses to kids with cancer.
For several years the Washington Township Pet Supplies Plus has hosted a fundraiser for Camp Casey! Click here to check out the article published about “Great Fun, Great Cause!” in 2013.