Kelly’s Camp Casey Story

Jim, father of five year old Kelly

“We are so appreciative and grateful for your enormous generosity. It is such a great gift to know you all and have you in our lives as an extended family.”

CJ’s Horsey House Call

Melanie, mother of CJ

“Please give our love to Moe the horse. The kids will never forget him. They still talk about him. Thank you again for all that Camp Casey does. We are so grateful to you. You bring a little sunshine to our lives.”

David’s Best Day

David, six year old

“Thanks for the best day of my life.”

Cowboy Caleb’s Campout

Jodie, Mother of five year old Caleb

“You can tell that the day at Camp Casey really takes the minds of the campers and their families off the hardships they go through in their everyday lives. I know it is that way for Caleb and me. When he is at Camp Casey, he is just so happy and excited to spend time with you guys. He just loves all of you so much.”

Jarrett & Jorgan’s Camp Casey Story

Beth, Mother of seven year olds Jarrett and Jorgan

“The twins started second grade this fall and were so excited to tell their friends about the great time they had at Camp Casey.”

Luci’s Cowgirl Camp Out

Emily, Mother to Luci

“Thank-you for the GREAT time on the Cowboy Camp Out!! Our family had a blast!”

Victoria’s Camp Out Story

Tiffany, Mother of Victoria

“Words can’t express the gratitude we feel as parents with a child with cancer when we are given the gift of being together. Casey’s memory lives on through Victoria’s smile. Waterparks, campfires, pig roast, rodeo and new friends…what could be better? Thanks to all the donors and staff… We are blessed for having attended.”

Cowboy Luke’s Camp Out

Monica, Mother to Luke

“We had a great time! It was so nice and comforting to meet other families who get it and who have been there and done that. Luke keeps talking about his pony ride, the hayride, and the waterpark. Thank you!”

Shaelin’s Cowgirl Camp Out Getaway

Janalee, Mom to Shaelin

“Thank you so much for such a great weekend! Our family really needed this get-away and it couldn’t have been more perfect!”

Jacob’s Horsey House Call

Shelly, mother of Jacob

“I must write to say thank you for the wonderful Horsey House Call. Our children and family were overjoyed to be a part of something that made Jacob and Kaitlyn smile so much! Your program is wonderful as are you and your team. God bless you, your team and Moe for bringing happiness to our family! It’s all they’ve been talking about.”

Ashani’s Horsey House Call Ride

Himali, mother to Ashani

“I wanted to thank you for coming out with the crew and Moe on Thursday evening. The kids had a wonderful time as did the adults. Ashani really enjoyed being able to ride on Moe in her cowgirl outfit! You truly made her dream of riding a horse come true and we will forever be grateful to you for that.”

Carliegh’s Precious Ride

Laurie, mother to Carliegh

“Thank you for a beautiful day. You gave Carleigh a precious gift of happy memories that will help carry her through this most difficult part of her treatment.”

Zaviera’s Horsey House Call

Kim, mom to Zaviera

“The Horsey House Call from Camp Casey was amazing! Z can be timid and shy but she wasn’t afraid at all. Thank you for giving her such a gift. She knew she was doing something great when she got on Stella’s back. What a great day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Michael’s Horsey House Call

Tina, mom to Michael

“Thanks for a great day!”

Allie’s First Ride

Tara, mom to Allie

“Thank you all so much for the Horsey House Call. Allie and Nole had such a great time. Neither had ever been on a horse before so it was a new experience for them. Thanks again!”

Evan’s Cowboy Camp Out

Jody, mom to Evan

“Camp Casey’s Cowboy Camp Out was a wonderful chance for our family to relax and forget about cancer for a few days. Evan is still talking about it months later. He even decided to be a cowboy for Halloween. Thank you Camp Casey!”