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Cowgirl Kelsey Talks Camp Casey

By August 17, 2017General Updates

I discovered Camp Casey through a fellow boarder at the barn where I keep my horse. At the time, I was volunteering with a fantastic therapeutic riding facility in Ann Arbor but was feeling the obligation of maintaining a 3-hour weekly volunteer commitment, while also wanting to be more involved with the riders and their experience. When I learned that working as an Equine Therapist with Camp Casey I would be able to interact with more than 10 kids in one day and help relieve some of the stress for a family going through treatment for a disease like cancer and bring a horse right to their doorstep, I was sold!

Working as an Equine Therapist for Camp Casey is important to me for so many reasons. I love being able to expose so many people to horses, most of whom wouldn’t have the opportunity to touch – let alone ride – a horse. I am proud to work for a non-profit that was born out of love and passion, and is run by a handful of bada** young women! I never tire of the incredulous looks I get as I walk with Queen B, our huge, black and white painted horse, down the streets of Detroit or Grand Blanc. I so appreciate being able to work with people from all walks of life; as we all know, disease does not discriminate because of socioeconomic status. I am constantly in awe of, and inspired by, these kids! Whether it’s hearing a funny comment from a new rider, watching a child silently stroke the neck of a horse, or seeing the joy on a parents face as their child rides down the sidewalk, strong, independent and confident, it makes the long Horsey House Call day well worth it. 
I’m so happy to have found Camp Casey and to be a part of this wonderful family. Yeehaw!

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