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Moe Must Learn How To Sign Autographs!

Yes… it’s true!  We are famous!

Here’s how it all went down:

Last year, when I got word that Oprah was calling it quits, I decided that I must write a letter to her crew to tell them about Camp Casey and see if the story was at all appealing.  As it’s often said in the camp office, you throw enough horse manure against a wall, something sticks.

Well, turns out Oprah was booked.

But, where one barn door closes, another must open because only days after receiving a very politically correct denial email, I received a very exciting phone call.  Apparently, Oprah’s crew wasn’t blowing smoke when they explained that they weren’t able to make it a story but would pass it along to their friends.  On the other end of the line was a woman named Jill Rappaport from NBC’s TODAY SHOW!


Jill, and the Today Show team were able to spread the word about Camp Casey to millions of viewers.  The broadcast brought in over $10,000.00 of donations and helped our program through incredible growth.  We all felt like movie stars– especially Moe who got used to life as a celebrity and now demands his carrots served peeled and chopped.



Horse Power!

Howdy! My name is Molly and I founded Camp Casey, a horseback riding program for kids with cancer and their families.

Eight years ago, the program started as a one-time gig. I was working on a farm while going to MSU when I got to know a young girl named Casey. She was going through cancer treatment and found horseback riding to be therapeutic.

When Casey passed away, I put together a one-day event in her honor that ended up taking my life in a wonderful, but unexpected, direction.


Casey Foote, 1991 - 2003.

Today, almost a decade later, Camp Casey is a nonprofit organization that serves children with cancer and their families throughout Michigan with three cost-free programs:

Horsey House Calls

Cowboy Camp Outs

Outlaw Outings

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